ATELIERS BEAU REGARD is an interdisciplinary practice led by Alexander Hertel and Christopher Tan. We aim to work on every scale from vast territorial planning, to intimate and immersive spatial conditions. We seek to unravel the unique essence of each project and work to reach an architecture that is adaptable and reflective of physical, socio-cultural, economical and ecological context.


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Alexander Hertel and Christopher Tan
Arch. Dipl. EPFL SIA

TEAM (past and present)

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Axel Harari(Partner 2013-2016), Jonathan Bey, Paul Brechignac, Théo Dattola, Nada Farahat, Rebecca Jordan, Margot Loof, Eric Nardini, Charlotte Nierle, William Schindler, Patricio Sturgion, Nicolas Uebersax, Julie Van De Velde, Loris Vendrami